Our Story

A Simple Beginning

It was a simple idea.  Some need furniture.  Some have furniture they don’t need.  Figure out a way to match them up and you’ve met two needs! 

It began in 2003 at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA.  The simple idea was to match the furniture needs of people in the local community with the desire of church members to give unneeded furniture away and help others in a God-honoring way.  It was known as Movers and Shakers and functioned as a ministry of the church for several years.  Using volunteers, borrowed trucks and donated storage space, the ministry provided furniture to people in need identified by the church.

That donated space?  Mini-storage units.  The back of a recording studio.  A helicopter hanger on a farm.   Extra space at a millworks operation.  Whatever the ministry could get that was free and available!

A Growing Need

The ministry grew.  Word of mouth spread that Movers and Shakers was a place to get and give furniture… and to serve.   As it grew certain principles emerged:

  • “Partner with other charities and ministries to identify needs and to help them serve people.”
  • “Make the volunteer experience so good that they want to come back.”
  • “Pray with everyone – recipients and donors – every time.”

In 2008, Movers and Shakers Furniture Ministry, LLC was formed as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Since then, more churches have joined as supporters and as sources of volunteers and need referrals.   And more partners have added furniture to their ministry by working with Movers and Shakers.

Since Movers and Shakers began, over 9000 pieces of furniture have been delivered to over 1500 families by hundreds of volunteers.

The needs kept coming - from many different circumstances:  apartment fires, hurricanes, floods,  refugee settlement, family transitional housing programs, women fleeing abuse or choosing life, veterans needing housing and sometimes just a new start.

In 2013, a part time Director was hired to coordinate logistics.  Making sure pickups, deliveries, furniture, volunteers and trucks all are at the right place at the right time is no small matter!  Having someone manage all this allowed the ministry to grow significantly both in number of volunteers and number of families served.

The Next Chapter

In 2018 the ministry expanded again – adding furniture restoration, furnishings and a “Hearts” team to bring more dignity and hope to those who the ministry serves.   Focusing on furniture restoration means the quality of what we deliver is better and fewer pieces get discarded.  Adding furnishings (bedding, dishes and décor) brings a finishing touch to each delivery.  And the Hearts team follows up with recipients, seeking additional ways to serve and to share the Gospel.

With the expanded ministry came a new name:  Fully Furnished Ministries.  The work of the hands – repairing and delivering furniture and furnishings – plus the work of the heart – getting to know recipients, sharing life and sharing the hope of the Gospel – together, make up Fully Furnished Ministries.