Movers & Shakers is now Fully Furnished Ministries

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An Impactful Origin

For more than 15 years, Movers & Shakers Furniture Ministry have been faithfully serving the community by living and sharing the Gospel through the gift of furniture. We have served thousands of families in the Atlanta area. Our volunteers get to experience the joy of serving in their local community. Our furniture donors get to put their used furniture to the best use by putting it in a home to be enjoyed. And families who have found themselves in need have been lifted up by those around them. And we're just getting started...

A Calling to do More

Over time we have felt called to do more. We have become very capable at delivering furniture over 15 years. But we continue to reflect on our core mission statement: "Living and sharing the Gospel through the gift of furniture".

The real mission here is sharing the Gospel and we have been working for many years on how we can more effectively do that and make more meaningful and sustaining life impact.


An Expanded Focus, The Same Mission

At the core we are still living and sharing the Gospel through the gift of furniture. But we have expanded our focus to be more effective. The furniture donation and delivery services of Movers and Shakers will continue to thrive, but we are expanding our focus to attract new volunteers and enhance our impact. New ministry opportunities include:

 - Furniture Restoration & Preparation

 - Delivery of Bedding Linens, Dishes, and Silverware

 - Evangelism

 - Family Volunteer Activities 

Fully Furnished Ministries indicates a move toward creating a a completed home, with Christ at the center.