No electricity.


Recently, we had a team head out on typical deliveries to families in need in the community. But they soon discovered they were in an unusual opportunity at one stop. Read about it from one of those on the team:

When we entered the apartment, the first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t cool — coming in from the summer heat, it’s always nice to step into air-conditioning. But it wasn’t till I’d been inside for a minute or two that I realized there were no lights on — and about the same time, she apologized for having no electricity, because her power had been cut off.

Now, I’ve been through some seasons of unemployment, but never did it get so bad that I lost my utilities. I couldn’t imagine what that was like, particularly for a single mom trying to raise two children. No perishable foods would keep, they couldn’t escape the heat of the Deep South, how did they handle evenings with no light, etc. I asked how much she owed the power company, assuming it must be hundreds of dollars. I thought maybe I could give her some money to help defray those costs. But when she said that all she needed was $25 for them to restore her power, I had two thoughts: One, what’s it like to not even have twenty-five bucks for something so essential. And two, this is a no-brainer. I didn’t want her, or her sweet children, to go one more day without electricity if it wasn’t necessary.

Now, I don’t know how quickly she was able to get it restored, or perhaps she ended up spending it on something else her family needed, and I’d be fine with that. At any rate, I found it mind-boggling that in America, where 1% of the population owns almost 40% of the wealth, a nation rolling in riches, that a mere 25 dollars stood between a family and one of life’s essentials. To me, this was not just an issue of economics, but of justice. What would Jesus do? He’d help her get her power back on, and he’d provide light for her soul. So I just did what I thought he’d do. There was no internal wrestling or praying about it. There was a need, it could be met easily, so we met it. That’s what justice looks like.

2 beds. 3 Lives Changed.

image1 (8).jpeg

It may just look like two simple beds, but to 2 young boys, they are much more than that. After their mother escaped an abusive marriage, they managed to find a place to stay. But all they had was one bed for the 3 of them to share. So when we found out they were in need, we were more than humbled to bring them what they needed…including these two beds. The young teen was in tears upon our delivery.

Though they now have their own beds, their mother’s bed will no longer fit in their one bedroom apartment. She is more than willing to sacrifice for her children, but we know God has more for this family. Please join us in praying for God to continue to provide from them and protect them, to give them the strength they need and the support from others to get them through this difficult time in their life.

Our Hearts Team spent time with this woman and her family. We are truly humbled that God can use our simple mission of furnishing those in need and praying with them to transform lives and touch hearts.

Feeling cared for.

Crystal has lived with her mother most of her life, however, during much of that time her mother has attempted to give her away. I met Crystal through my daughter, who has taken Crystal in to live with her and her family on 3 separate occasions.

Crystal graduated from high school in May 2018, found a job & began working. Her mother told her in February of this year that she had to move on May 1st because she was giving up their apartment to live with her oldest daughter, so Crystal, her youngest, was on her own. Crystal moved with a bed & her clothes.

I found out about this ministry through another lady in my discipleship group at church and am so grateful. Crystal was able to get a dresser, couch, chair, & dinette set along with a comforter set, towels, and more! Crystal is so excited and thankful that someone would do this for her. She is a very hard worker & wants to go to school to learn a trade. Pray with me that The Lord will direct her path and that she will follow His leading.

~Shared by Gail, who connected Crystal's need to FFM through one of our partners, Perimeter Church.

2015-05-26 12.06.17-2.jpg

Serving before receiving.

Alejandra and her family arrived in the US in 2016. All she had was some furniture that they collected from garbage containers. They volunteered first with Fully Furnished Ministries while they were waiting to move to a better place and loved the experience of serving and praying in each home.

They are so happy because of the beautiful furniture they’ve received now for their own home. Alejandra shared with us a touching part of her story: the Saturday that she served delivering furniture to those in need, she saw an amazing coffee table in our warehouse. Weeks later, it was that very table that was chosen to be given to her, without her request! She said that it reminded her that God has everything especially prepared to bless her and her family.

Alejandra’s sister-in-law, Yudith, also volunteered with FFM. Her husband died five months ago in a brain surgery, and she currently lives with his son and a nephew. She needs furniture for the dining room and the living room, coffee table and side tables and lamps, that we hope to be able to bless her with in the coming weeks.

If you have furniture you’d like to donate, please click on the “Donate Furniture” button on our menu above and set up a time for us to pick it up from your home.

Here Alejandra is with the volunteer team that delivered furniture to her home — and that very special coffee table!

Here Alejandra is with the volunteer team that delivered furniture to her home — and that very special coffee table!

Jason Davis. [Volunteer Highlight!]

Find out more about serving through our ministry here:

Find out more about serving through our ministry here:

Jason has been serving with Fully Furnished Ministries for about 7 years, much of that time as a driver and crew leader. He can also be seen supervising a dozen or so Trail Life boys during their annual service weekend camp out with our ministry. When asked why he serves, Jason references Jesus’ parable of the talents, saying when he is called to account to the Lord he wants to “return his talents plus at least one!”

Jason was born and raised in Washington state, but has lived here in Georgia for 20 years. He and his family currently reside in Johns Creek, and he is a Software Configuration Manager. He is also the Advancement Chairman for Trail Life Troop 317 from Perimeter Church. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom, Jason!

Kenny Vann & Jason Hammond. [Volunteer Highlight!]

Kenny (on left) and Jason (on right) taking a break from the heavy lifting.

Kenny (on left) and Jason (on right) taking a break from the heavy lifting.

Kenny Vann and Jason Hammond can be seen here taking a short break from unloading furniture during our recent move to our new warehouse. Kenny lives in Lawrenceville and Jason lives in the city of Atlanta. Both are members of Victory World Church, a long time partner church for FFM.

Kenny has been volunteering with us for almost a year now, and Jason has been serving since January. When we asked them why they serve with Fully Furnished Ministries, Kenny said “I like moving furniture!” (Oh to be young again.). Jason replied. “It’s always been in my heart to do something.” And we love both of those reasons!

Thank you Kenny and Jason, for your strength and your hearts.

Rosa Moore. [Volunteer Highlight!]


Rosa Moore is a very special woman for FFM — She has been our Heart Team leader for almost two years now! She accompanies our truck crews to make deliveries of bedding and household accessories to our recipient families, then stays on to help minister to the families by praying with them, counseling them, and directing them to other ministries such as food distribution centers (where she also volunteers).

Helping single moms is her passion, since she herself was one. When asked why she serves with us, Rosa said, “I’ve been blessed. I do not take it for granted, and I want to bless others.”

Rosa Moore was born in Panama but has lived in the USA more than 50 years now. She currently resides in Sugar Hill, GA. Before retiring 2 years ago, Rosa was a Supervisor in a call center. May God continue to bless you, Rosa!

James West. [Volunteer Highlight!]

James West - FFM Volunteer.jpg

James first served with us 3 years ago, and has been one of our most regular and faithful volunteers ever since. You can see him almost every Saturday work day, with a smile on his face and a story to tell. When asked why he serves with Fully Furnished Ministries, James said, “It’s a part of our calling to serve the least of them.” His advice to everyone is, “If you’re depressed, find someone you can encourage!” Thank you, James! You are an inspiration to us all.

James West was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and raised in Houston. He was a professional football player (linebacker), with the Oakland Raiders in 1980, with a couple of teams in the Canadian football League (he is in the Canadian football Hall of Fame), and with the St. Louis Cardinals. He now lives in Buford, Georgia, and is employed as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Representative for 15 schools in Dekalb County.

Saturdays spent serving.

On any given Saturday, our Fully Furnished Ministries teams of volunteers wake up early, meet up at 7:30am at our warehouse in Norcross to spend a day serving families in need in our communities. Women, men, children, old and young, weak and strong, gather in the warehouse to first pray. Giving the day to the Lord and His work, the teams start loading up our rental trucks for their delivery stops.

On these stops, the “Hands Teams” will go to designated houses/apartments to deliver furniture, kitchen items, linens and more to families who lack the basics in their homes. Meeting these ordinary families, praying with them and blessing them with furniture is the highlight of any Saturday for most of our teams. They have fun, feel refreshed and serve with joy as they bring smiles to so many faces!

After the deliveries/drop-offs, our “Hearts Teams” spend time with the receiving families, cultivating relationships and sharing the Truth in love with those open and willing. At the same time, our “Hands Teams” continue their journeys in the trucks, going to homes scheduled for pick-ups. These families are generously donating furniture — this furniture will then be taken back to the warehouse to be assessed, organized and maybe refurbished, before it finds its way to a new home, to bless another family.

We are continually amazed at how an ordinary Saturday turns extraordinary through God’s work through Fully Furnished Ministries, the volunteers, families, and furniture. It’s a lot of work, but work that is fruitful!

On Saturday, April 13th, FFM teams delivered:

  1. 2 beds with bedding, 2 night stands, and a dining table and chairs to a family in Norcross,

  2. 2 twin beds with bedding to a family’s two children in McDonough,

  3. A bed, a dining set, a sofa, a coffee table, kitchen items and a vacuum cleaner to a family in Duluth, and

  4. A queen bed, a recliner and a coffee table to a family in Tucker.

Join us in praying for these families, for more volunteers, and for more funds to continue to rent trucks and warehouse space to continue our ministry work.

If you want to learn more about volunteering, read about our teams here.


Families serving families.

unnamed (10).jpg

Families from Perimeter Church volunteered on the church's Serve Day on December 1st, proving that Fully Furnished Ministries is truly a family ministry. The volunteers helped prepare and load the furniture that was delivered to 12 vulnerable families in need. Momma’s holding babies, toddlers pushing carts, dads and moms doing the heavy lifting and donuts keeping everyone happy — it was a great morning at the warehouse!

The recipients greatly appreciated the furniture and furnishings, and the volunteers greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve. Families serving families is a unique opportunity we are thrilled to offer as a ministry. If you are a parent of small children having a hard time finding somewhere to serve, or parents wanting to get children involved in giving back to the community (from an early age!), then FFM is a great spot for your family to volunteer.

This youngster showed that with the right equipment anybody can load a truck! This bedding put the finishing touch on one of our deliveries of essential furniture, helping to turn basic shelter into a home.

This youngster showed that with the right equipment anybody can load a truck! This bedding put the finishing touch on one of our deliveries of essential furniture, helping to turn basic shelter into a home.