Our Mission

Living and sharing the Gospel through the gift of furniture

What we do

Our model is simple. We collect lightly used furniture from people who have excess furniture and we deliver it to those without enough. From the beginning of our ministry, we saw an imbalance that happened to revolve around furniture. That is, some people have furniture they want to get rid of, and some people are lacking the basic furnishings in their homes, like beds and dining tables. We sought to remedy that.

How it works

Furniture Delivery

Our trucks run every other Saturday. Volunteers come from all over the community usually from local churches, but not exclusively. We meet at the warehouse, where we load our deliveries for the day and assign volunteers to trucks under the guidance of a driver, who is the crew leader.

After we load up we pray for the safety of our volunteers and that the furniture would be a blessing to those who receive it. Then we set out to the deliveries; usually 2-3 homes per truck.

We also schedule our furniture donation pickups directly after the deliveries. With our now empty trucks on the road, we stop by our donors’ homes to pick up the furniture before returning to the warehouse usually between 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Furniture restoration

Sometimes the furniture we take in could use some refreshing. We believe at our core that our furniture recipients deserve not only furnishings, but high quality furnishings that they can be proud of. We have a furniture restoration ministry that does everything from vacuuming a sofa to staining a table, and even reupholstering a chair.

Hearts Team

Our hearts team follows behind our moving trucks, bringing bedding, dishes, and care baskets. he primary focus of the hearts team is to help form a more personal bond that our “hands team” (moving trucks) can’t accomplish. The fact is 6 men on a truck, moving furniture and trying to meet a schedule, can be intimidating. Our hands team offers a more personal engagement, focusing on forming a personal relationship, sharing the Gospel, connecting them with community partners, and really understanding the needs of our recipients. For a person who has never owned a bed before, something as simple as seeing you make their bed can help them take care of it in the future.

Sharing the good news

We have been at this since 2003 and since then we have served with thousands of families in need by donating furniture, bedding, dishes, and the basic needs for dignified living.

But our ultimate goal is not to give furniture. Furniture is simply something that people need that we are able to give. Our real goal is to share the Good News (the Gospel) with those we serve. We accomplish this in a few distinct ways.

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One of the most effective ways to share the Good News is to live it. Whether it's our volunteers getting exposure to servant living or our donors and recipients seeing men and women sacrificing their days to serve others, serving others can be incredibly effective in sharing the love that has been so freely shared with us.

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We all inherently seek to be connected to a community. Our volunteers get to experience a loving community rooted in the Gospel. For those we interact with (donors and recipients), we help get them connected to local communities that would benefit them such as local churches, community support organizations, and in some cases job opportunities.

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Prayer is a core part of our ministry. It underpins all of our planning, all of our operations, and all of our strategy. We openly share this with those we touch. Our volunteers get to experience this when they serve with us and our donors and recipients get the opportunity not only to pray with us but to be prayed for out of love.

Want to get involved?

We would love to connect with you about opportunities and the different ways you can serve your community through Fully Furnished Ministries.