Unexpected abundance.

It was a great blessing for my group and those we served today!

We met a family on a pickup that’s relocating to Chicago on a work relocation for the husband. When we went in, I saw that the furniture they were donating was very nice. Then the wife asked, “Can you take this? How about this? And this? Come over to this other room...” that went on for a while! We filled about 3/4 of our truck to the ceiling...on one stop for 4 items. 

So cool how God provides in this way. They were so blessed knowing all these things that they didn’t want to move were going to families that Fully Furnished impacts. 

Special thanks to James for playing “Tetris” with our truck. By the 4th and final stop I was saying, “Ain’t NO way you’re gonna fit that king mattress in there!” Well, we made it happen! 

Best Regards,