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2 beds. 3 Lives Changed.

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It may just look like two simple beds, but to 2 young boys, they are much more than that. After their mother escaped an abusive marriage, they managed to find a place to stay. But all they had was one bed for the 3 of them to share. So when we found out they were in need, we were more than humbled to bring them what they needed…including these two beds. The young teen was in tears upon our delivery.

Though they now have their own beds, their mother’s bed will no longer fit in their one bedroom apartment. She is more than willing to sacrifice for her children, but we know God has more for this family. Please join us in praying for God to continue to provide from them and protect them, to give them the strength they need and the support from others to get them through this difficult time in their life.

Our Hearts Team spent time with this woman and her family. We are truly humbled that God can use our simple mission of furnishing those in need and praying with them to transform lives and touch hearts.

Hello bed. Goodbye floor.

Many of us take lying in our beds every night for granted, not knowing what it feels like to not have a bed. This precious little girl was so excited to have a bed to lay in tonight. She was sleeping on a mattress on the floor before Fully Furnished Ministries volunteers visited her home and blessed her with a bed of her own.

After the delivery of the furniture for the family, the grandfather of the girl and I had a conversation about all that is going on in Venezuela and how they are having to flee the country. Seven of his kids are in different states across America. Though they are thankful to be here in the US, it is a tough road for them. We spoke as if we had known each other for quite some time as he opened up and shared his heart. This ministry is truly a blessing for me and so many.

Join with us in praying for this family and other refugee families who are far from home, building new lives in new places and without much to make their place feel like a real home.

~Rosa, a volunteer with our Heart Team

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