2 beds. 3 Lives Changed.

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It may just look like two simple beds, but to 2 young boys, they are much more than that. After their mother escaped an abusive marriage, they managed to find a place to stay. But all they had was one bed for the 3 of them to share. So when we found out they were in need, we were more than humbled to bring them what they needed…including these two beds. The young teen was in tears upon our delivery.

Though they now have their own beds, their mother’s bed will no longer fit in their one bedroom apartment. She is more than willing to sacrifice for her children, but we know God has more for this family. Please join us in praying for God to continue to provide from them and protect them, to give them the strength they need and the support from others to get them through this difficult time in their life.

Our Hearts Team spent time with this woman and her family. We are truly humbled that God can use our simple mission of furnishing those in need and praying with them to transform lives and touch hearts.

Feeling cared for.

Crystal has lived with her mother most of her life, however, during much of that time her mother has attempted to give her away. I met Crystal through my daughter, who has taken Crystal in to live with her and her family on 3 separate occasions.

Crystal graduated from high school in May 2018, found a job & began working. Her mother told her in February of this year that she had to move on May 1st because she was giving up their apartment to live with her oldest daughter, so Crystal, her youngest, was on her own. Crystal moved with a bed & her clothes.

I found out about this ministry through another lady in my discipleship group at church and am so grateful. Crystal was able to get a dresser, couch, chair, & dinette set along with a comforter set, towels, and more! Crystal is so excited and thankful that someone would do this for her. She is a very hard worker & wants to go to school to learn a trade. Pray with me that The Lord will direct her path and that she will follow His leading.

~Shared by Gail, who connected Crystal's need to FFM through one of our partners, Perimeter Church.

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Serving before receiving.

Alejandra and her family arrived in the US in 2016. All she had was some furniture that they collected from garbage containers. They volunteered first with Fully Furnished Ministries while they were waiting to move to a better place and loved the experience of serving and praying in each home.

They are so happy because of the beautiful furniture they’ve received now for their own home. Alejandra shared with us a touching part of her story: the Saturday that she served delivering furniture to those in need, she saw an amazing coffee table in our warehouse. Weeks later, it was that very table that was chosen to be given to her, without her request! She said that it reminded her that God has everything especially prepared to bless her and her family.

Alejandra’s sister-in-law, Yudith, also volunteered with FFM. Her husband died five months ago in a brain surgery, and she currently lives with his son and a nephew. She needs furniture for the dining room and the living room, coffee table and side tables and lamps, that we hope to be able to bless her with in the coming weeks.

If you have furniture you’d like to donate, please click on the “Donate Furniture” button on our menu above and set up a time for us to pick it up from your home.

Here Alejandra is with the volunteer team that delivered furniture to her home — and that very special coffee table!

Here Alejandra is with the volunteer team that delivered furniture to her home — and that very special coffee table!